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Don’t You Worry, Child


This moment was the last straw for me.

I have heard children can be hysterical and difficult with not wanting to go to places, but I had never experienced that with Monster. Until today.

Our morning started off quite well. Monster gave our dog food and water, and put away all the containers. He listened to instructions and even left his car toy at home.

The crying started when we put him in the car. He tried to climb out of his chair and even tried to open the door.

As soon as we arrived at his school, he was screaming and crying hysterically. He grabbed hold of the steering wheel and refused to climb out of the car. The only way he would calm down a little was if we let him sit in the car. He was breathing hard and his lower lip was shaking.

That’s where I decided then and there. It’s time to move him. We were only planning to move him next week Monday to a school where he had been at before and did very well. I phoned the teacher and she said we were more than welcome to bring him.

I kid you not, as soon as we left the school grounds, Monster was smiling again and babbling away and counting and reciting the parts of the alphabet that he already knows.. It was like the break out a few minutes early never happened..

Which made me think, why would he fight against going to his school so badly? What could be upsetting him so much there? Had we missed earlier signs that he had given that he was unhappy there?

When we reached the new school, Monster was a little teary as I think he was confused to where we were. As soon as we were on the school grounds, he saw the dogs there and just wanted to be put down so he could play with them. We reached the class and he walked in without any worries and started playing with the toys without any hesitation.. The teacher, Angelique, showed us around while we decided to stay a little longer to stay with him.

As soon as we were on our way to leave, Monster started crying for us but the teacher said the best would be to say goodbye and walk away as this was normal being in a new place.

My heart broke still hearing my son’s cries as we walked away. A little while later, Angelique let me know that Monster was fine and playing again. It’s a relief knowing that he is calm and content. Looking back at earlier this morning and now, it seems it could’ve happened on two different days with two different children.

It bothers me how a change of school affects Monster so much. How a change of environment brings out the bright little boy I know.

As of today, he won’t be returning back to his old school. There’s no point of us taking him back to a place where he is clearly unhappy.

For the first time this week, I feel a little calmer knowing that my son is finally smiling during the day again and enjoying his day.

3 thoughts on “Don’t You Worry, Child

  1. Your child being happy and successful is your number one concern. Obviously, that wasn’t the case at the old school. Don’t stress over it, and give him the support he needs.

    1. I know. This wasn’t an easy week… very emotional and tiring for all three of us… but yesterday was very good. He adapted so well. Have at the look at my latest post with some photos from the school!

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