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Surprise Sunday Wake Up


This morning we were woken up with Monster jumping on our bed & shortly after that, throwing up all over our feet..

Even with my bulging belly, I think I moved close to light speed on the bed to pick him up & carry him to the bathroom to clean him up.

I don’t know if he thought he was in trouble for what happened,but he started cowering & calling out for me softly. As I was busy washing him up in the bathtub, Byren stumbled in throwing up as well. He’s not so good with these kind of things.
I can handle these kind of things myself but with Monster throwing up in the bathtub and Byren next to me in the toilet, it just did something to my gag reflex. But I knew at the end of all this, I was the only one to handle the situation so I needed to stay strong..

So turns out, thanks to all the jumping, he ran out of breath & started coughing, & that’s when all this went down.

You wouldn’t think that the morning started off so gruesome for Monster because a few minutes later he was running around again, jumping on the bed & stumbling all over the place.

I guess sometimes it’s not so bad not understanding everything.. its either to forget then & move on…

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