Random Thoughts

Gender Day

Today we get to see our little Button again.
It’s been over a month since our last appointment & I’m getting anxious about seeing my little one on the ultrasound.
Today we’ll also be finding out the definite gender. At our previous scan, we were given a percentage as to what the gender is but the doctor advised that before we rush off with baby shopping, we could just find out at this appointment.

So its a 90% that we’re expecting a boy again. I’ll be honest, I was hoping to hear the news of having a girl & I took the news quite badly with a lot of crying. But I just realised that no matter what the gender of the baby is, a healthy baby is all that I wish for. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, my love will be the same- unconditional!


I’ve hit 19 weeks today! Booyah!!

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