Random Thoughts

Goodbye 2014

I started this year out with big plans & big dreams. I started this year off with hopes & motivation. I told myself, this year I will achieve greater things than the previous year.

Unfortunately 2014 didn’t have the same thought patterns as me. In fact, the first two weeks of January ended up exploding in my face. Try that for a good start.

How much crap did I end up going through these last 12 months. How much crap my family went through. See, when there are kids involved, crap can happen & it feels magnified by so many levels because you are responsible for someone who isn’t yet responsible for themselves.

Some things that I learned this year are:
→ Even the most universally perfect relationships have flaws & fall apart.
→ Friends aren’t always what they seem to be.
→ You’re a replaceable asset at work.
→ When desperate, even any type of work is not a good idea.
→ Lives lost while others are formed.

I can’t say that I’ll be making a new list of things to achieve in the new year. I never get to the list anyway so why waste my time breaking my brain to figure out what I need in 2015.

All I’m certain of is that no matter what life throws at me, ill be able to handle it. I’ve handled 24 years on this earth, I can handle a lot more to come as well.

After all, big things ARE happening next year, with our new child joining our household. Yip. Our biggest event for the year. It’s going to be awesome!!

So goodbye 2014, thanks for finally coming to an end…


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