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Meet Button

Man, oh man!
I have waited almost two months to post this! And now finally it is happening!!

We have some wonderful news to share! We’re adding another family member to our pack.

I’m already close to 14 weeks but we waited for the first 12 weeks to pass so we could be sure everything was fine & that we were in the clear.


So last week Thursday we went for the second scan {when I was already over 12 weeks} & we confirmed that everything is going great & that Button is healthy, growing well & a busy body.


Although we went on Thursday for the all clear news, I was only able to share the news today because we wanted to involve Monster in the announcement. After all, he’s becoming a big brother now. So here is what we did:



It took me a while to paint the words on as well as take a proper photo of both sides. But it was so worth it! In the end, it’s the thought that counts.

And right now, we are feeling so blessed & happy!

3 thoughts on “Meet Button

  1. Awwh Congratulations Annie !! Such a great news to end this year and start the new one ! Many many warm hugs to you. Happy holidays. Take care. Lots of love,
    Zee ❀

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