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Dentists Scare the Living Poop Out of Me.


On Thursday I visited a Dentist for the first time in probably nine years. Mainly for the fact that I am really scared of them & have had some bad experiences during my childhood.

On Wednesday I had really bad tooth pain. It was coming from a tooth that had been broken for quite a long time now & I guess it started dying.
I hardly had any sleep all night & on Thursday I finally phoned a Dentist to have it checked out.

Once we got to the Dentist’s office, I was shaking. Once I was in the seat, I was crying like a child. Shaking & crying. As immature as that may sound, everyone is afraid of something.

So I had my tooth removed through surgery. Dentist told me it was needed to be done as soon as possible as it could pose a life threatening problem. So I’m glad it’s over.
Unfortunately I have to go back in February for another surgical procedure on another tooth as well as a few other minor problems. Just shows that you need to visit your Dentist more often, even if they scare the daylights our of you.

We’re on Saturday now &I’m still in quite some pain. The only pain medicine I’m not allergic to is Paracetamol so it’s all I can take. But since I’ve only been taking that all my life, my body is use to it & it has no affect on me at all. I literally sit with the pain the whole day, & all night..

It’s horrible.

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