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Book Material: A Million Little Pieces – James Frey


I have finally gotten on track with my reading. I’ve had this book for almost two years & I’ve finally read more than 40 pages. Sad times hey.

This is a book based on true events where the author tells us about his battles with addiction to drugs & alcohol. It’s quiet a heavy read & I’m saying that with only 40+ pages into the book.

There have been some controversial reviews on the book, stating that some of the events are fiction & were made up to make things sound more dramatic. Hell, even Oprah went critical on his ass. Later on, she did apologise for her actions but what’s done is done, right?

Deep down I believe we all suffer from some sort of addictions, whether it’s: addiction to pain, addiction to sadness, addiction to abuse. Yes. Abuse. Go look it up.

Now, many of you might not know this. James Frey writes movies. Yes, he made something of himself. In the first few pages of his book, he mentioned that he was writing movies but wanted to write books instead. So I went & Googled him to find out more about him. Do you remember the movie “I am Number Four”? He wrote it. Ha! Bet you didn’t know that!

I’ll write an update on this post once I’m done with the book which I hope will be sooner than later.

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