Random Thoughts

Housewife & Medical Mama

So now I’m a housewife. {For the time being.}

It feels utterly strange being at home everyday, sleeping a little later than usual & then spending most of my day cleaning.

That’s with Monster at home as well. When I picked him up form school on Monday afternoon, his fever was at 39 degrees & the school never notified me. Kept him home on Tuesday as well, I was lucky Byren was able to stay & look after him. On Wednesday I took him to the Doctor as his cough worsened & his fever kept coming back. Turns out he has swollen tonsils so it’s all about antibiotics for him. If only he would stop fighting when it came to drinking it as he spits half of it out.

In one sense, everything that happened came as a blessing as I can now keep him at home with me without worrying about work & having enough leave days. If he is better by Monday, it’s back to school so I can concentrate on job hunting full steam. {It’s a little difficult when you have a sick kid constantly clinging to you & crying.}

Carisa also came to my place for a surprise visit today so it felt wonderful having company for most of the afternoon. I made us pancakes for lunch. Half of them broke apart or came out very small; nevertheless we enjoyed them just as much.

I’m almost done with dinner now; hopefully Monster will eat something tonight. He didn’t want to eat for almost three days but slowly his appetite is coming back & the swelling is going down.

I hope everyone has a pleasant & safe weekend ahead of them.

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