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Talk with Toddler: 23 Months

Dear Monkey,

Wow, wait, what?? You’re a month away from your second birthday – already? It feels like just yesterday you were still a tiny bundle in my arms.

Last night I sat watching you go on with your evening activities {which mostly consists of running around & playing hide & seek} & I struggled to believe that time had gone by so fast. There was a time when you completely depended on me to do everything for you; feed you, carry you around, support you when you were learning to sit & stand. Here we are, & you need none of that support from me anymore. I find that slightly unfair… I mean, I want to help you & support you with these little things in life. I know there will be plenty others that will come our way; it’s just shocking that we have already pushed away all the other ones.

I’m afraid you wipe my eyes one morning, & you’ll be on your way to your first grade by then. Followed by high school & eventually university. I’ll sit wondering how I managed to watch all this go by & not find a way to slow time down.

I’m scared one day you won’t be my baby anymore. As soon as you’ll be a teenager, Mama won’t be cool anymore. Her hugs & kisses in front of friends will be embarrassing. You attention will turn to a new direction & Mama will be left behind. I’m scared you forget about me.

Stay small, my little monkey. Just for a little longer.
Love you always,

Your Mama

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