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Respect My PMS


Dear Men.

I’m not going to generalize to a specific person or place a piece of crap on a certain person’s head. I’m talking to all of you.

One thing I really hate is hearing, “You’re so aggressive, you must be on your time…”. It sends my blood boiling & shooting through my ears in a projectile manner.

Why do you assume that we women are only angry, sad, distraught, confused & every other negative thing you want to add, only when we’re going through our womanly stage? So much for NOT making it out as a stereotype. {Please excuse me as I rant on, & no, you can’t blame it on the subject of this matter!}

We experience all kinds of emotions at ANY time of the month! It’s not like we wait around for our periods to come in & then open up Pandora’s Box of Emotions. Come on, how much less realistic can that sound? In case you haven’t noticed in all the years you have been roaming this earth, women are emotional creatures; we don’t have a choice of “Nah, I think I’ll rather be upset tomorrow.” If it flows through our hearts, it’s going to come out.

You don’t understand the irritation we have with this thing that’s called menstruation. You don’t understand how much we hate it. {Off record: there are those moments when you do really want it, then you know you’re not going to be carried around a little bean that will grow into a human over a course of nine months}. So yes, we hate it. Periods are not a walk through wonderland, where pads grow on trees & tampons are received through picking a watermelon apart. We feel so much pain, we feel uncomfortable, awkward & even murderous. Murderous because people tend to piss off a little more than usual & we could easily react by throwing you with a book, or by accident cause you to trip while you’re standing at the top of a cliff. {Remember, no witnesses.}

So blaming every motion we portray on a period {.} won’t make a woman laugh along with you. Now, I’m speaking for myself here, but I could very easily bite your arm off & then feed it to you if you bring in these accusations in a conversation. I could just as easily bite your other arm off, if by chance, you bring up the accusation while I’m suffering through my monthly dues. Only difference is, I’ll shove the arm up your ‘hoo-hoo’, but not before smearing it with super-glue so it stays there as a constant reminder on why it’s there in the first place.

I’m not saying women aren’t aggressive when it comes to their periods, we are. But we are also just as aggressive at any other times of the month. So don’t get that wrong {again}.

Remember this, consider this. It could save you a black eye, or a broken toe, or a bruised rib, or a cracked knee cap, or a …. 😉

5 thoughts on “Respect My PMS

  1. Men should heed this warning. There is so much truth in it, that well, it could save you a black eye, or a broken nose, or … well lets just say a trip to the hospital.

    They should also never say your grumpy. Let’s face it, even if you aren’t you will be by the time you try to convince them you aren’t.

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