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Update on Lost Time

  1. Employment Problems:

About three months ago, I was promised to be sent on a Bookkeeping Course & trained in Finances. With this course in place, I would have had no time for my own personal studies. I would have homework each night, have an evening class once a week, & have weekly tasks & assignments. So I took the step to put my own course on hold while I waited for this new course to start. Three months passed & nothing happened. The promises that were made never came through & I realized that I had wasted all that time on lost time.


  1. Studies Reopened:

I have finally reopened my course & have completed all my notes on my modules. All that remains now is handing my assignments & completing my course. With that, I’ll continue with the next course, thus moving forward closer to my career.


  1. Drinking Avengers:

I thought I’d share this to lighten up the mood a little. I created a new drinking game idea for my one-night a month girl’s night. It’s called the Drinking Avengers. Anything that pissed you off, betrayed you, hurt you, etc. – you write down on a piece of paper. On the girl’s night, you bring that paper with, & for everything you wrote down, you drink a shooter or take a huge sip of the drink you have. If you have been keeping a list for a whole month, you will have a very interesting drinking challenge.


  1. Monster’s Birthday Party – Cancelled:

As heartbreaking as it is to say this, we have cancelled the party due to financial reasons. Even with the small budget we set up for the party, thanks to all the debt in our life, it would be impossible to even hold the smallest gathering for his birthday. This will just include me, Byren & Monster.


  1. Hair in August:


I’m hoping to do this to my hair this coming August. In the beginning of the year, I just put highlights in my hair; electric purple. In about two weeks, the highlights washed out because I wasn’t told of the proper procedures to look after the highlights. So I pretty much wasted quite a bit of money on nothing. This time, I’ll be able to pay pretty much the same price, but do my whole head & make it look awesome!!


  1. Byren’s Parents Remarrying:

So after they divorced in December last year, we all believed it was all over, done & dusted. In January, we received the news that they were back together. This was not really news… The few times I dropped Monster off at his Grandma’s place, my father in-law was always there, always.  A while later when I asked her if they were back together & she denied my statement. About a week later, we all received the sms that they were giving their relationship another try. A few weeks later, we received another notification that they were getting married out again on their initial date, in July. I’m happy for them, I guess. Everyone deserves a second chance at love… Or a third, or a fourth.


So this is my last month, while I was all quiet. I’m sure there were other things that happened in between but there’s nothing I can remember at this moment.


I hope to be around more often now… Once I’m back in routine, you won’t be able to get rid of me that easily!

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