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Lesbo – Vibes


I have a very “out there” personality. I don’t have anthropophobia. That means fear of people for those who don’t know phobia- terms. I make friends easily with people of different ages & not afraid to approach strangers to start a conversation. I can honestly not imagine myself as an introvert. EVER!

But lately, I don’t know what vibes I’ve been giving off. Lesbians seem to love me. Yes, love me. In one week, I was approached by two ladies. Last week I went to the mall to take care of some purchases. I saw a couple in almost every shop I went to. And I went to a LOT of shops that day. I was standing in one of the shops, looking at the sale they had on their jewelry. To go off the topic a little, when I see a sale, I really expect a reasonable price difference. A no-named brand necklace was R400, went down to R345. {That is not a fucking sale, thank you very much.}

Anyhow, when I saw this, I swore out-loud & said this is for shit not a sale. The lady standing next to me snickered at my reaction & agreed that shop prices are ridiculous. We complained about it being a no-named brand & that places were trying to rip off their customers to make them think it’s something special, when it isn’t. Somehow. SOMEHOW – the conversation escalated to her asking me if I was in a relationship. I was caught in surprise as I half-stuttered that I was married. She just smiled at me, said “that’s a shame. Enjoy your day” & walked off. That’s when I realized that she was in fact a lesbian. I just got hit on by a lady lover.

I don’t have any issues with lesbians or gays or whatever other terms are used to isolate those people from the “normal” crowd. I have lesbian & gay friends. I’m fine with them. I’m just not used to being hit on by lesbians. So when this lady asked me the question, I obviously put two & two together. I felt a little uncomfortable. Since I’m not use to it.

Moving on, on Saturday night, my friend Carisa & I went out to Railways Café. I had never been there before but will so go there again!! It’s very chilled back; rock music, sleeper couches, alcohol, amazing pizzas & {usually} live bands. There’s even a library with very old books, & very comfortable couches where you can sit back & have a read if you like. Outside they have these old baths {which stand on legs} that are cut in half & have cushions in them so you can sit there. It’s quite something else compared to your usual party venues.


There were no live bands on Saturday night so someone {DJ??} plugged his phone in & started playing music; anything from old rock to dance music. I eventually started dancing since it’s something I love & haven’t done in a long time.


Carisa joined in a few songs & sat watching through the others. I eventually stood across from a lesbian. The girl between us didn’t look like a lesbian so I didn’t know she was the significant other. After a while I started feeling a little awkward as I somehow ended up dancing with them. Every time the {obvious} lesbian looked me at & our eyes met, I felt a little embarrassed & would look away. I don’t know if she thought I was a lesbian as well. You know like you’re able to ‘seek out your own’ type of thing. I don’t know what vibe I was sending out, but she picked up on something completely different. During one of the songs, I went to sit down & wait out for another song to play. As Carisa & I were watching the crowd, the {obvious} lesbian spotted us, leaned over the table & asked why we weren’t dancing. Now while I was still dancing, they obviously saw me looking over at Carisa & laughing or making jokes, so they leaned over & asked her to dance as well. She declined. Maybe the {obvious} lesbian assumed we were a couple since we were there together & were making jokes & laughing all the time? I don’t know. But she picked up on some vibe.

So that has been my excitement for the week. Lesbians loving me.

Hell, on the bright side, I guess it’s a compliment. I mean, if it doesn’t work out with men, I still have a chance with the ladies. 😉

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