Random Thoughts

Bad-luck Bunny


I don’t know what I do to attract bad luck into my life. I don’t know what I did in my previous life (if that’s a possibility). I just don’t know.

As soon as we are able to get on track with our lives & sort our finances out a little bit, things fall apart again. It’s just a recurring circle. As soon we find a way, we lose it.

It’s so frustrating. It puts on so much more stress in our lives, as well as strain on our marriage. The more you stress, the more you fight. As simple as that.

Why does money have to play such an important role in one’s life? Oh yes, because without money, you can’t have a roof over your head. Without money, you can’t eat. Without money, you can’t buy fuel for your car to get to work. Without money, you can’t feed your children, clothe them & send them to school.

You don’t need a lot of money to live, but covering your basic needs is not how one should live. Where’s the fun in earning money that you can’t spend on yourself or on someone else without first thinking, if I spend this, will I still be able to get through the month?

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