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Let’s {Never} Go Bowling


The most important dates in my life are doomed for failure.

2013 April 26 – 1 year wedding anniversary – Byren was extremely intoxicated; I spent most of the night next to a Rugby field after leaving a nice French bistro for him to be with his team players. He passed out before we could ‘relive’ our wedding night.

2013 July 26 – Monster’s first birthday – Byren was tipsy & drove into another car while trying to call me. I had to leave Monster with friends of ours & spent almost six hours trying to bail Byren from the police station.

2013 November 07 – my 23rd birthday – I spent the day as sick as a dog. {Why do people use this idiom? Why are human conditions compared to an animal?}. I spent the long weekend in bed, feeling like crap.

So my luck {with important dates} is not lucky at all. I wonder if NOT celebrating the dates would result in them turning out perfect?

This year’s {starting} misadventure once again started on our anniversary. Byren & I didn’t make any specific plans to celebrate the occasion. The original idea was to watch the sunrise in a hot-air balloon while enjoying champagne & breakfast. Byren isn’t the most romantic chap, but on special occasions he makes an effort.

We never finalized our plans; it turned out to be very expensive & we both agreed that we would rather push the money into Monster’s party coming up in July. The morning of our anniversary we decided that we would just go out to dinner while Monster visited his grandparents for a few hours. On our way to drop Monster off, we decided to go bowling first & then have dinner after. We haven’t gone bowling in almost two years so it would be fun to try it again. The last two times that we went bowling, I kicked Byren’s ass. I’m not the best bowler so maybe Byren had let me win or it was just my luck. I never came out on top on the logs, but I was ahead of Byren. I though of this occasion as a ‘piece of cake’.

We payed for two games & Byren started first. I struggled to find a bowling ball to play with. I ended up playing with a slightly heavy ball where my fingers barely fit into the holes & another ball where the holes were too big that I had to somehow keep the ball from falling too soon. It was a lost cause from the beginning.

The first game I won by one point. Not a very great win, but a win altogether. I hadn’t won because I was the better bowler but Byren was only warming up. I lost the second game by 12 points. Between the two balls I was using, I was struggling to aim & keep the ball going off the sides. So I wasn’t concentrating at all.

After we were done with our second game, Byren asked me if I wanted to play another two games. I already felt so discouraged but thought to give it another try. Maybe I would play better. In the third game, I was so far behind Byren’s score because I couldn’t play with the balls. I’m competitive, but once I see I’m losing, I stop putting in an effort. I was eventually so far behind, I started crying. Just tears of defeat as well as disappointment.

It seems my emotions were carried over from the precious evening. The empty feeling, the sadness & the disappointment. You can find the full story here: Strike Out with One Stripe.

After our fourth game, I needed to leave the bowling alley because I was crying so badly. I wanted to reach the safety of our car where I could cry in front of no one else but Byren.

I feel bad about my attitude when I think back to it. Embarrassed as well. Poor Byren didn’t know what was causing my crying. He didn’t know what to do except try & keep our communication open.

After all this was sorted & out of the way, we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Yamazaki. They have this awesome sushi buffet where you can eat as much {selected} sushi as you please for a fixed amount. The more expensive sushi is off the menu only. In the end, you still eat more sushi than what you pay for.

We called it an early night after dinner & drove home in silence after we picked Monster up from his grandparents.

I couldn’t face Byren. I felt responsible for ruining our anniversary with my unresolved feelings. Maybe next year will be better?

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