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Bad Mama: Swear Words


I have a confession to make. One that’s not proud, wise or funny.

Okay, maybe just a little funny!

I taught Monster a swear word. By accident, of course. It’s not my life goal to teach him all the bad before the good. It wasn’t done on purpose. You’d think the chances of him learning a different word from all the words that I use would be high. I think not.

But no. I taught my {almost} two-year old baba to say ‘oh shit’. See, it would’ve made sense it was just ‘shit’ but he has to say the ‘oh’ before the word every time. For dramatic effect?

Pat on the back for me, with a round of applause. This isn’t his first swear word. The first word was technically the same one, just in a different language. {Talk with Toddler: 16 Months}. Monster was taught {yes, taught}, to say ‘kak’, by Byren & a friend of ours, Tjaart. Let’s just say it was my birthday & they were both very good friends with Brandy & Coke.

We ignored the moments that Monster used the word & eventually {not soon enough} he stopped using it. Sighs of relief followed this victory over Toddler-Curse-Word abuse.

This time’s accidental teaching was my all my fault. I use that word when I hit my toe against furniture or almost drop my phone. The fact that Monster memorized those words means that the above mentioned moments happen a lot.

Back to the ‘ignore the bad words’ game. Which proves to be quite difficult when you unknowingly use it so much yourself.

Another Bad-Mama star for me.

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