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Bad Mama: The Hairdresser

BANNER_BadMamaSo Monster dislikes getting his hair cut. Dislikes it. I think Tuesday was his fifth time getting a haircut at the same salon to no avail. See, we need to keep him on our laps while poor Isabel (the only hairdresser I trust with my fringe) tries to cut his hair. If it’s Byren holding him, he sort of tries to worm off his lap to run around & play. If it’s me, then Monster literally pushes Isabel away from me as if protecting me. By all means, I’m flattered that my little warrior wants to protect his Mama. But this Mama would love the idea of her little warrior’s hair being cut without any hassles. We almost always leave the hairdresser with one side of hair shorter than the other – that’s if Monster let her cut anything to begin with.
Last week Tuesday, I went to dye my roots PURPLE! Yay!! [Happy Dance].
But before that could be done, parts of my hair {that were going to be dyed} had to first be bleached. While that was happening, Isabel colored my roots & then only we got to the purple. After that was done, I still needed to get a haircut. Due to two public holidays happening in one week, Monster’s school, as I’m sure many other schools, is close for the week. So poor Monster had to sit through all of this while Mama got her hair done. Luckily, he’s not a naughty kiddo {in public} so while he waited, he played with the colorful rollers. His patience actually stretched out to over two hours. I was impressed. It took a lot of stress of Isabel as well to not need to rush with my hair.


Then we tried to cut Monster’s hair. With no luck. Isabel got a few snips off the one side of his head & that was it – Monster was done with his haircut.
So the next day I thought I’d try to cut his hair myself. I don’t have any experience with cutting hair. My dolls all had funky {or no} hair. In grade three, I decided to cut my fringe but lets just say I never did it again.
So I put on Monster’s favorite cartoon, Monsters University, gave him a bottle of milk & proceeded to get his hair. I cut it quite short. Well, very VERY short. So he ended up looking like this:


As I said, it’s very short. There are a few places I cut too short so it looks like he doesn’t have hair growing on those places.

What I learned: Don’t try to cut your kids hair unless you know what you’re doing.

Positive side: Hair grows back 🙂

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