Random Thoughts

Talk with Toddler: 21 Months

Dear Monster,

I don’t want to start this letter by complaining about how fast time flies. But I will.

Three months away from your second birthday & I’m still thinking back to the first one. You could barely walk then, only said Mama & Dada & pointed at things that interested you.

Today, you run around like a monkey, talk our ears off with a big vocabulary & even throw tantrums. Well, as if that wasn’t expected. It is what it is, Terrible Two’s are here. Tantrums, throwing objects, whining, crying, driving Mama insane. I won’t lie, some days I want to lock myself in my room, with a tablespoon dipped in to chocolate spread, telling myself repeatedly, “It will get better.”

I’ve been having very little sleep lately. You’re so prone to picking up a cough from another kid at school that you’re literally on cough medication every two-three weeks. Humidifier and Karvol are my friends. I just wish you could get better for a little longer than a month. Mama doesn’t sleep a lot during the night in fear of you having cough fits. I can’t imagine what it is like to be so small & not able to explain what you are feeling & what is wrong. I can imagine the frustration. That’s probably why children cry & scream because they have no other way to communicate their needs. If only it was the first thing we parents thought of when handling the situations.

I do hope you get better soon. Mama needs some rest.

Love you always,

Your Mama



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