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Like It Never Happened

ImageSo this morning I woke up feeling fine. I have the flu, but apart from that just fine.

The symptoms I’ve been having for a week {exactly a week} are gone. No more nausea, no more gas, no nothing. Even feel like my eating routine is normal. How is that possible?

Could I have imagined up all the symptoms? Lower back-pain? Abdominal cramps? Running to the loo every few minutes because of a bladder that doesn’t stretch like the rest of your body?

I know people say I have an overactive imagination – fair enough, I can agree on that. But to such an extent?

There’s a reason why I didn’t get too excited too quickly. This exact reason. What if it was just a ‘phase’ my body was going through, with my mind running away again?

I guess all I can say is, better conceiving luck next time?

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