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Nauseous Fairy

I have been feeling like crap since Tuesday. Nauseous the whole time.
Today I can hardly stand on my feet without feeling sick or light headed.
We had a bit of “unprotected fun” a week ago. But I doubt I could be pregnant. & if I was, I doubt there would be symptoms already. IF I was pregnant, I’d only be three weeks along (counting from my last period).

Not to freak myself out or get excited too quickly; but is it possible to have these symptoms even if you were about three weeks pregnant?

5 thoughts on “Nauseous Fairy

  1. Yes it is. Our youngest was that way. We had our fun and I took an OPK because I felt off. Sure enough, I ovulated. The two week wait was awful and I knew I was pregnant: tired, moody, nauseated. I started taking tests 11dpo and had a faint positive.

    1. I wish I could understand all those abbreviations.. But I’ll act as if I do. Lol..
      Yesterday I couldn’t satisfy my hunger all day. This morning a bit of cramping.

      Although people say when you want to be pregnant, you imagine up symptoms & signs. Maybe that could be just that..

      1. OPK is ovulation prediction kit. DPO is days past ovulation. I ovulated five days early with Lil Miss.

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