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Doc O’clock

This morning Byren woke up to vomiting slime accompanied by blood.

Not a nice way to wake up.

As soon as I got to work, I put in my half days leave to take him to the doctor (since we only have one car) & phoned for an appointment.

I hate doctors. I hate hospitals. I hate operating rooms. I hate calling for appointments & hearing the confirmation replies. That means that I need to go to the doctor. I hate it.

I know it sounds negative. But with the experiences I’ve had at hospitals & doctors – I don’t like it there.
Even if this appointment isn’t for me, I’m cringing at the thought of being here.

I don’t think doctors like giving good news. Think about it. Bad news for them means business. If we were all healthy, clean & clear, doctors wouldn’t have a job. For them, giving bad news & telling you to go for tests & come back for second appointments. It’s all money, baby, & they make a lot of it. One simple consultation payment costs a crap load which makes my purse shiver every time I need to make a payment. We don’t have medical aid, simply because our previous medical aid screwed us over & we can’t afford medical aid at the moment.
So we do everything cash.. Cash, cash, cash. Ka-ching!

Let’s hope it’s not bad news when we walk out…


6 thoughts on “Doc O’clock

    1. We found out. Literally stress. His body was giving in under stress from work. Never experienced a stress-reaction like this before.. Let’s hope he takes it easy from now on.

      1. We have two long weekends coming up this month, hopefully we can do something then. Our wedding anniversary is coming up over the second weekend. Maybe we can do something then…

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