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Talk with Toddler – 20 Months

My dear Monster,

We have reached 20 months. Four months away from being two years old!
“Has time really blown by so fast?”

Which brings in the terrible two’s… Not that you haven’t started throwing your fair share of tantrums already. I have a very accurate feeling that it’s going to get worse. A lot worse. That’s all part of growing up, I guess.

This past month was a little of a worry one.. Taking you for your immunizations, the nurse pointed out that that fact that you can’t build blocks is a problem, that you’re not achieving your growth progress for your age group. That’s enough info to throw any parents worry off balance…

But ALAS!! Look what we have here..


You have no problems with that.. When i sat down & started building blocks, you joined me in playing along. Your teacher at school also confirmed that you have no problems with building blocks. In fact, you on a good pace.
Nurses forget that all kids are different & can’t be put on the same grading scale.. So there, you are a little star.

Who else can say their kiddo has been brushing their own teeth from 11 months of age??

Love you always,

Your Mama


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