Random Thoughts

I Can See Autumn


The summer heat is behind us. Bring on the winds, the rains & the falling leaves.

I can’t say autumn is one of my favorite seasons. Miserable weather comes along with it & your closet becomes confused for what needs to be worn. The weather is not all that constant.

This past week we’ve been experiencing that very same miserable weather I’m talking about. Winds, rain & the “now & then” glimpse of the sun.


*Sign* I hate it. As well, sunrise comes later on in the mornings now. In summer, waking up at 5am meant it being already light outside. Getting out of bed for the day wasn’t such a drag. My mind told me, “its light so it’s right (to get up).”

Now, 5am shows a pitch-black background with a groan escaping my throat upon waking. It doesn’t help snoozing my alarm until 6am. It’s still dark outside. My mind automatically tells me, “It’s dark; you can sleep a little more.”

“No can do.”

Autumn is around the corner & for the next few months, rising in the early hours of the morning will be a mission. I’ve already over-slept every day of this week. Even with three alarms going off in a five minute interval.  That didn’t help at all.

While I’m sitting here complaining about the weather, the Northern Hemisphere will soon (or already are) be welcoming spring. Lucky buggers. Soon to enjoy sunshine’s, ice-creams & no more freezing their butts off.


The truth is I don’t think we will ever be satisfied with the seasons.

Summers too hot; winters too cold. One month into a season & we already wish we were moving into the next.

Moral: Humans will never be satisfied, & that’s a general statement.

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