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Take This Waltz


So this movie is one of my favorite’s but not a choice I’d suggest for everyone to watch. It’s quite a heavy drama with a slow progressing story line. As well, there is a lot of symbolism; hidden & obvious. However, something ‘attracts’ me to it. I had to watch it over four times to realize what exactly the attraction was. & it’s definitely NOT Michelle William’s acting. There was something awkward & irritating about her character as Margo that really wanted me to sit up against the screen & poke her appearance with a fork. 20140224-013455.jpg

Not that she’s a bad actress, but the role she played in this movie was annoying & very unsatisfying. I really think the producers should have given the character a little more of a stable personality. The point of this movie that I wanted to share with you was said in the end of the movie by actress Sarah Silverman. Life will always have a gap in it. You can shift your life as many times as you want, you will never be able to fill it.


There will always be things in life that you won’t be able to change or fix. By running away will not change a situation as you open the door to other complications & unsatisfying new wounds.

Take This Waltz

 Just something that helped me realize a few things in my life. I guess not all crappy movies are actually crappy. There are a few things you can still learn from them.

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