Random Thoughts

Chicken Cackle

Now I’m not someone who’s mean to people… Alot! Only those that I really have reason to be..

Now I have a neighbor who is very noisy. I mean very noisy!
I can hear everything that goes on in her house! From the dishes being put in the sink, to conversations to… well, bedroom antics! & I must admit, it’s highly annoying!

“I honestly don’t want to know what goes on in YOUR house!!”

FML! Do you know what the worst thing is? No, but I’m about to tell you! The woman’s “chicken-cackle” laugh!! It vibrates through her house, over my wall & into my living room! It is fucking annoying!!
She can’t help it?? Oh no, people are known for being able to change their laughs. “In this case, it would be for the better!!”

Maybe she should look into it!!!

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