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Parent Tests

I’m on a role with posting about parenting.

Being a parent is one of the most biggest privileges I’ve come to know. I can compare it to no other feeling or thing in the world. To know how it feels, well… You need to be a parent.

Now becoming a parent takes you through a couple of tests… Like levels of things happening to see how far you can be pushed before you are grossed out..
It can range from being pee’d on to being thrown up on to all sorts of other things.

I’m okay with all those things. As well, I have a good gag reflex so I can handle smells & sights well…
Except one.. There always has to be ONE weakness..

So after dinner it was time for Monster’s bath. You can see his face light up when he hears me say ‘bul’ bul” which is a Russian reference to bathing. His whole body seems to be dancing as he stands next to the bath, watching the water fall in.

In this photo, Monster is trying to catch the falling water in his hands. Too young still to understand that that’s not really possible..

All went well, Monster was in the bath, playing with his toys. I was busy gathering up his bedtime things so that once we were done bathing I could proceed with getting him ready for bed.
I was back in the bathroom, literally a few seconds from washing his hair when…. Da Ta Ta!!! Monster’s face suddenly turns red, his fists clench & he grunts at me. My mind didn’t react fast enough to realize what he was doing & I thought there was something wrong with him. The second his reaction came up – I knew. I knew all too well. But it was too late. I heard the splash in the water. I had to keep telling myself to not look in the water. It’ll be safer that way, for both Monster & myself.

Immediately I took him out of the water, cleaned any remainders from his bottom & put him down on the floor next to me. Then my real problem came into sight. I need to clean the bath up. Without throwing up.
I can handle a pooh nappy. No problem, no sweat. But don’t mix it with warm water. Dear John, No!! The worst possible thing to do to me..

As I was cleaning out the bath, another thought popped into my head, “What if Monster isn’t done & he’s playing on my bed!!”
I ran into the room, almost jumping into the room really. Poor Monster just stood there at the side of the bed, staring at me as if I’ve lost it upstairs. “Nothing beyond the norm, really.”

So I thought I’ll wash him in the shower rather, since he quite enjoys it when I let him stand in the shower, when I need to give him a quick wash while I’m in the shower as well, it saves a lot of time.

At least after everything; all the commotion, running around, controlling gag reflexes with Monster laughing at me, he managed to brush his own teeth without any troubles!!
“I look proud, don’t I?”

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