Random Thoughts

Double Fun, Double Crying

I’m sitting at the Centurion Gautrain station, waiting for Byren to arrive. With me is Monster of course!
Which can either be very entertaining or very annoying.. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t enjoy spending time with my kiddo, but put a toddler in a carseat in a hot car (no aircon) with no where to go & nothing to do – you’re asking for tantrums..

We were stuck in the car for about 40min, enough time to ask for trouble. In between Monster calling out ‘Daddy’, staring at his Spiderman toy & sipping on his tea in deep thought, there were tears & screams. I think the passengers in cars around us must have thought I was giving him hidings or something. The screaming sounded like he was in pain, when actually he was in no danger at all.

I think the added mess to this episode might be the fact that he went back to school today. Pretty much from the moment we left home, he was sulking with his bottom lip trembling. Just delaying the tears until we arrived at the school. I kind of expected this as this is quite normal, from what other parents have told me. Towards the end of last week, there were less tears. After spending two days at home, today felt like last Monday when we first put him in his new class.

I’m sure it will get a lot better as soon as he is more use to the place. As well, he is experiencing separation anxiety at it’s best since he is around the age it starts..

Anyway, getting back to the waiting game. I honestly didn’t know how to entertain Monster further to keep him calm & happy. In the end, I just switched the sound off in my head & ignored his tantrums. I know that sounds horrible but I’ve learned that during a tantrum, no attention is the best attention. When a child throws a tantrum, they expect a response & when you give it to them, they know they are getting their way. When no attention is given, they eventually get the picture that they are not winning that round..

Another win for Mama!

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