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Boob Alert!


I haven’t posted anything in a while, & now that I’m finally getting to posting, this is what I start off with.

Last week Thursday I started experiencing a burning sensation in my left breast. I googled what the cause could be & it only said it could be a hormonal “thing” that happens when your menzies are on approach. I have never had this before since I started with my cycles. So I thought my best bet would be to just go & see the Doctor to have a proper diagnoses.

This morning I visited my GP with shocking news. She found quite a lot of  lumps in both of my breasts. She gave me a reference letter to go for a breast sonar to have it checked out more intensely. She said it could be swollen glands, or hormonal lumps.. OR …

I’m trying very hard to stay positive right now. It would be easier not to think of Cancer if it didn’t run on both sides of my family. So the chances of me having traces of Cancer are quite high. Obviously I have thought that far. It’s bothering the shit out of me…

I have my sonar tomorrow afternoon & I’m dreading the visit. After my traumatic labor, I have no desire to be in hospitals or do any scans of any kind. Memories are still fresh in my mind..

You think of Cancer.. You know people who have survived it… Or have lost their battles against it…
I don’t think you ever really think of yourself being there, or at least hearing of a possibility of having it… That’s the hardest hitting thought…

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