Random Thoughts

Christmas is About…

I honestly wasn’t feeling too jolly about Christmas this year.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s the fact that I didn’t have a good year. Maybe it’s cuz I didn’t really get a bonus this year. Maybe it’s just cuz it’s me…
This is the second Christmas Monster has experienced with us. This year he was a little more understanding of presents & the Christmas tree. We already placed his presents under the tree about two weeks ago so he could grow curious & actually “look forward” to finally be allowed to touch the presents at the right time.
Byren & I don’t do presents for Christmas; we don’t even do presents on birthdays. This is meant for each other, not Monster. So we bought him a couple of small things. Just a few things we were already skeptical about affording.
I felt guilty about it. I look at friends of ours,they have a little girl around five months old. She got spoiled rotten with presents. I mean huge presents. Expensive. Glamorous.
I sat there thinking, my God…. I don’t even come close with the presents for Monster. Mine are rubbish compared to this show… I wished I could’ve given him more.. Saved somehow during the year… (Which has been impossible just for the sake of saving.)
Then I thought, Christmas is surely not about the most biggest or the most extravagant presents? Surely it’s about the time spent together with family. Being together during this wonderful celebration. Presents don’t make up for emotions that are felt when surrounded by those you love & those who love you back.
That’s where I realized; sure, my presents might have not been expensive or big or fancy. What made them worth it was that Monster loved them. They were simple but he didn’t take his eyes or hands off them all day. “What’s a five month old going to do with expensive gifts?”
Christmas is about giving gifts, yes BUT to me, the greatest gift is definitely being with your family.

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