Random Thoughts

Midnight Wakings

What can I say… Parenting is good. I love it! I enjoy being a mama, I really do.

It’s just sometimes… How do I put this?… Sometimes I wish I could turn back the clock, before I was pregnant… So I could have some peace & quiet for longer than 2 hours. So I could have a decent night of sleep. So I could sleep in again… So I didn’t have a double cleaning schedule..

I hate it when people who don’t have kids tell me, ‘Well, you wanted to have kids.‘. Whether you have a kid now or later, it will still be the same. The same cleaning, the same wakings, the same headaches. By having a baby later is just postponing the time.

Its just before 01H00 on a Monday morning. I was still awake watching movies while Monster & Byren were already asleep. I finished with the movie, Ella Enchanted, & decided to knock off to bed… If you have a kid, you probably know how difficult it is to cut a little ones nails. That’s why you do it when they are fast asleep. If your little one allows you to do it while they’re awake – you lucky bastard!

So I thought I’ll just ‘groom’ Monster’s nails while he is asleep since I’m up anyway. I got up to about the 4th nail (out of 10) when he woke up… Not just any waking. Screaming. Arms flying around. Kicking. It took about 20min to calm him down again, where he had to fall asleep in my arms. Something we don’t allow from a small age. In between this commotion, I tried to give him some Baby Panado since it could be the teething causing the restlessness. Instead he gurgled it then spit it all over me. I can’t say that I didn’t lose my cool. I gave him a hiding cuz he spat the whole 5ml dosage out. I know I shouldn’t get frustrated as he doesn’t understand. But he does this with all medications we give him. He spits everything out. It’s a waste then.

Finally he is back in his bed, twisting & turning every few minutes. Moaning a little in his sleep then falling asleep again. Over & over…

I’m wide awake… For those of you who follow my blog would know I don’t post at this hour of the day… I just can’t sleep now. Too awake, too aware. I’m just predicting how I will finally fall asleep, deep sleep then Monster will wake me up again, & I’ll just go through the motions again.

As I said, I love being a mama. Just wish something were sometimes just a little different… Just a little…

On the bright side, at least I don’t need to work tomorrow…

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