Random Thoughts

Festive Fuming

So this year, we are doing nothing for Christmas.

-Not very Merry!
-Not very Merry!

Bleh, it sucks ass. We are just going to stay at home, & do what we do best… Nothing.

Last year, we went to visit Byren’s grandparents in Howick, Kwazulu Natal. It was quite fun actually. Family together, with the exchange of small gifts going on. Monster was almost six months then so we took him to the beach for the first time. He was scared of the waves & I had to wash out a lot of sands from every place possible.

This year we can’t afford to do anything. It’s been a rough few months & the money-magic is just not happening. Maybe Christmas will bring a new turn of events, or the New Year for that matter?

We have a Christmas tree at least??? That counts for something & something?

So this Christmas we’ll be staying at home & making the best of it. I can’t say I’m not disappointed. Christmas is usually the going away time. Vacation AWAY from home. & here we’ll be stuck in the one place I’m getting tired of.

Sigh. At least we’ll be doing presents for Monster again. This time he’ll actually understand that the point is to unwrap the present for the toy inside, not unwrap it to play with the wrapping paper. Byren & I never get each other anything. We don’t do it for birthdays either. I don’t know why, we just never followed through with the tradition. However, I do once in a while buy him Biography books which he loves reading. So that counts for making up for all the other times.

I’m kind of hoping something happens somewhere to give us a chance to have a vacation this year. Not at home, but hopefully somewhere near the sea. I really want to go to the beach again. It’s been bothering me for around four months now. I can’t be greedy though – I’ll take any vacation right now!

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