Random Thoughts

MIA Week

Once again I have been MIA. This last week was just a rollercoaster ride.

Apart from the fact that it was month end at work, there were a few more distractions involved.

My mum phoned me last week Thursday to inform me of the death of my step-grandmother. She had been part of my life for almost 15 years, & even though she wasn’t a blood relative, her death still came as a shock. She passed away at 76 from old age.

- My late step-grandmother & my mom
– My late step-grandmother & my mom

Her funeral was this Tuesday & I was there along with other family to pay my respects. Along with her other grandchildren I had the honour of carrying the casket from the service to the hearse. After we buried her, the family members all met up at the funeral home again for some refreshments and hushed conversations.

Then Wednesday, Byren left for two days on business in Cape Town. So I was pretty much feeling like a single mum, running around, trying to find order in my little sanity space. On the one hand, it was manageable. I was on time for work, my shit was together & Chase actually behaved. Byren got home last night & this morning was chaos again, & I followed the exact same routine as I did for the last two days & it seemed like there was no time for anything.

We finally have a Christmas tree in our home! I decorated it last night; still have a few more things to hang up in the rest of the house but that can wait until the weekend.

Chase and Xmas Tree

Chase was very curious about this new blinking, highly decorated twig standing in the living room now. Just watching the lights kept him occupied for almost half an hour! WIN!

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