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Men Should Come with Manuals


Now I know men always say that women should come with manuals & instructions because we are “oh so complicated”! But you know what?? Men are just as complicated!! Amen to that truth!!

It’s true. Men don’t always make sense. Men don’t always understand. Men don’t always know what they are saying or what they are doing!

20131206-210354.jpgIt’s time to release one like this for women to understand men! Divide it into four parts while you’re at it!

Why I’m ranting about this?
I went to pick up a friend earlier this evening from work & Byren asked me to stop at the pharmacy to pick up some meds for his sore throat. I remembered to pop in there, but they were out of stock of the specific meds he asked for. I only thought of getting a replacement for them after I got home again, & after Byren pointed it out to me.
I admitted to him I made a mistake & that I forgot. “I’m only fucking human!!”

So I started to look for other meds that I might have in my kitchen to help him through the night at least, & Byren told me to leave it & that he will do it himself. #facepalm

Here I am, trying to help (& making up for my screw up) & he throws it in my face. “Fantastic, thanks for that bitch slap.”

I left all the meds on the kitchen table to discover him asleep on the couch so I gently woke him up & told him to please drink the meds & then get into bed to sleep further. He then told me to leave him alone, stop irritating him & he will do what he needs to when he does. Slap on the other cheek.

I gave up, grabbed my things & headed upstairs for our bedroom. So now I’m sitting on the bed having a FOS. That’s translated into Freak-Out-Session.

I don’t know if he has fallen asleep again, or still awake. At the moment, I’m not really caring either. By throwing my empathy & care back in my face, I don’t feel like wasting a cared breath on you!

Although I know I’ll give in soon & go & check on him, sneak peak just to see if he still okay… I’m such a weakling, given into my feelings each time.

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