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Talk with Toddler: 16 Months


Dear Monster.

We have reached the 16 month mark already.

It’s Christmas next month & you’ll probably be opening your own presents this year as well.

Our second Christmas together. Well, third, if you’re counting the one where you were still in Mama’s tummy.

Tomorrow, are your (15 month) immunizations & I so wish I could go with you to be there in support. You’re started recognizing the doors of the Clinic & there’s already a frown playing on your face once we arrive there. One day, when you’re older, you’ll understand that this is all for your good health, my baby.

So this month has been interesting, once again! Apart from my living room curtains being smeared full of melted Oreo cookies, you have successfully figured out for to open the fridge & scan the contents inside. Lucky for us, you haven’t started unpacking it like you do with the cupboards around you. We’re still safe.

You’re saying more & more words. Just this weekend, you said HELLO to me when I greeted you first & you’ve memorized a swear word (thanks to Dada!). For those that don’t know Afrikaans, the work ‘kak’ is translated to ‘shit’ so this is a little problem. As well as the word ‘myne’ means ‘mine’ which you now use when you want to hand us an object & then suddenly draw it back. Ahh, the growing up is visible. Although we need to do something about the OTHER word…

You’re still brushing your own (four) teeth. I’ve figured it out – I mustn’t force you to brush your teeth & gums. That’s when it doesn’t work out. Instead I need to hand you the toothbrush so when you place it in your mouth to chew, I can navigate your hand to clean up the insides! Eureka!!!

Well, that’s for now, my angel!

Keep growing, keep smiling!

Love always,


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