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Trust in Family is a Danger

- My sister-in-law, Marisca & I
– My sister-in-law, Marisca & I

So this photo is from about two & a half years ago.

Both of us are not the GUCCI GIRLY types so when we decided to hold a girls night, this is what happened. We collected all the make up we owned & put it all together. We decided to try practice the Make-Up Artist role. I was the artist.

While in deep conversation, I thought to myself, “She can’t see what I’m doing to her face… Why not bring in the creative side of things?”

So I started ‘painting’ all kinds of things on her face! 😀 A few times she asked me what I was doing. My reply would be, “Shhh, I’m working.”

When I was done with my work of art, she knew that I had done something completely different to what we agreed on. I mean why would I have coloured the skin around her lips. & she wasn’t allowed to look in the mirror until we were both ‘touched up’.

So she didn’t know what I had done, but she sure wasn’t keep her creative side dormant. At the end of the night, when we finally saw what we looked like in the mirror, we were laughing for hours. We looked ridiculous & very far from Runway Models.

Yes, we had wasted a lot of make up on this experiment. But the most important this is – WE HAD TONS OF FUN!

PS: It took a while to wash it all off.

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