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Marriage Theories

My evening has been a fuck up.
Byren had to work late again so I was left to pick up Monster from school today. My au pair, Dominique, has an Accounting exam tomorrow so I gave her the day off to study.

Evening was going ok & all. Monster & I danced around the room, played Hide & Seek, & he ate all his dinner up while I was cooking for Byren & myself. Was overall a good evening.

Then Byren got home. First thing that pissed me off. He told me he has to work late again tomorrow. It’s going to be the third night in a row that he has to work late. Breath… I’m still calm.

Then Tjaart comes over because Byren has to take a look at his laptop that’s not working too well. Fine. Okay. I understand. Helping out a friend. Why it pissed me off? I’ve being asking Byren to have a look at my laptop for almost half a year. With no results, no commitment. But his friend asks & he does it? What the fuck is that about!!

So while Tjaart is here & they’re talking computer terms & watching Armageddon, I’m washing dishes & fuming about the laptop story. So Monster starts moaning from upstairs so I call for Byren to go have a look.
I get the following response: “Ag, Anastasiya!!” & remains sitting on the couch!

What the fuck again! So I need to leave everything I’m doing & attend to a simple task that I asked Byren to do, & I pretty much got a fuck you back.

Here’s my theory. Byren is what I assume in the ‘comfort zone‘. When I’m around, he retreats into this little comfort bubble & sits back on his ass while I run around doing everything. The only reason he is so relaxed about it is because he knows I will eventually handle any task, without needing his help, although it would be appreciated.

The other part of my theory is that Byren doesn’t believe that I’m able to get tired. Like I can go on & on. It’s like he forgets that I’m human, & I have my limits.

These are the times when I have answers to my questions. The question in question is here, “why the fuck am I always so pissed off.”

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