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Oh No, You Didn’t…!!!

How I'm feeling after this weekend...
How I’m feeling after this weekend…

This weekend was sort of a disaster.

Friday night was cancelled because Byren wasn’t in the mood after the whole accident the previous day. So we had to cancel dinner plans with Paula.

Then I got stuck at work because Byren had an issue to sort out at his work. So eventually one of our friends, Tjaart, came to pick me up. On the drive home, I found out that Byren & Tjaart have to attend the AGM at the rugby club. “I wish Byren would tell me of these things a few days in advance, not a few hours.”

So I was home alone with Monster, which was pretty cool. We spent some time together playing games & his new favourite, Hide & Seek, behind the living room curtains. Byren graced us with his presence earlier than expected. Usually these meetings take up a few hours, but he was home over an hour of the meeting starting.

Apparently he sort of stormed out after hearing some bad news & wasn’t feeling up to it to stay longer. We got a little time to spend with each other before going to bed.

Saturday I found out that Byren had to go work in the evening. Which upset me all over again, due to our plans just failing through the whole time. I spent Saturday afternoon lazing around on the couch, watching movies while Monster buzzed up & down in the garden. I swear that kid never runs out of energy. A 15min nap gives him enough energy to run around non-stop all day long. Eventually Byren went to work so I washed up in the kitchen a bit & called it an early night.

Sunday was my spring cleaning day. I was scrubbing & sorting everything & everywhere. “I’m still tired on this Monday morning.” Byren was napping almost the whole day as he had to wake up at 3am again to work. So I thought maybe now we can get some family time. Wrong. Byren invited Tjaart over to watch the South Africa vs. Scotland Rugby game. So I decided to…just carry on cleaning. Eventually, by 9pm, I was paste. Monster was long asleep already & Byren was passed on the couch. Every time I told him to get into bed, his mumbled excuse was, “I’m not asleep, just resting my eyes.” Yeah right. Like I haven’t heard that before…

So finally a moment of peace, I decided to attend to my nails (again). See, I bought myself new shoes last week Thursday but couldn’t wear them as my toes were looking like crap. So I sorted that out & my nails as well. Now I feel more presentable. Yay!!

My new shoes are awesome!
My new shoes are awesome!

I don’t know if we will ever have a weekend without any distractions. With the work, I can understand. You can’t say no to it. It pays the bills, so you need to do it. I’m just getting fed up that it’s almost every single weekend. Then Byren is too tired to function & spends most of the day sleeping. House guests are becoming an irritation as well. Tjaart is a good friend & all, but he is at our house, like every weekend. When Byren asked me if it’s okay if he invited Tjaart over, I said sure, why not. I was kind of hoping that Byren will remember what the weekend plans were. He didn’t & Tjaart was there 30min later. I forget that men need to be given a direct answer of what the expectations are, or else they just assume that what you say is what you want. When Tjaart left, I asked Byren why did he invite him over & he said he wanted someone to watch the rugby with.

My response – “Well, why didn’t you ask me to join?”

He frowned –“But you don’t like watching rugby…”

“It’s not like I don’t like rugby. I actually like it! & if it meant spending time with you, I wouldn’t have objected.”

“ Oh… Yea, but you know it wouldn’t be the same as with Tjaart.”

Backhanded me right there. (Metaphorically).  I’m not “one of the boys”, I forget that as well.

So this weekend was a flop. & the worst is, the spending time idea was all Byren’s & he forgot all about it.

Still silently fuming.




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