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Supersize Me – Still Craving

I’m watching Supersize Me.

Wow. This dude went through huge lengths to prove that McDonalds & other fast food businesses are bad for your healthy…

Well… That’s not a surprise at all.

But all the McDonalds up in my face & hearing how bad it is, didn’t make me feel like I’m never going to eat their food again.

In fact… I’m craving the fries & Chicken Foldover right now.


4 thoughts on “Supersize Me – Still Craving

  1. The documentary curbed fast food for me for a long while. Then pregnancy happened lol! Moderation, then you can have what you want.

    1. We eat fast food once a month only, eg; McDonals, KFC.
      But if we do get other fast food during the rest of the time, but then it’s Chinese or Indian. A lot more healthier!

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