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Mornings are Not My Friends

Mornings have become a mission in my house. Getting Monster to wake up in the mornings is a war on its own.photo (3)

I remember those school days especially. There were always times when my mom would come into my room, because I “accidentally” didn’t hear my alarm clock go off. She would scream at me about being late for class, not getting in a good breakfast & looking like a hurricane hit me because I wouldn’t get time to neaten up my appearance. Honestly, at that stage, I didn’t really care about how I looked at school.

Then there was always the excuse-search so that I could stay home. The numbers of times I had headaches or was feeling sick with flu is crazy; I should’ve been permanently at the Doctor. My mom only bought it the first couple times before she picked up on the trend. Then there was no more getting away with staying home. She would tell me the only way I was skipping school was “if you are dying, or dead”.

I can understand students wanting to not go to school. Sitting in class, quizzes, homework; it’s all very boring. The routine you need to follow, the same one every day. You literally had to drag yourself through the day, & the best parts of the day were lunch time & home time. “I’m sure you’d all agree with that!”.

So then I got myself thinking, why would my toddler not want to wake up in the mornings on a school day but on the weekends, he is up before the sun rises? Don’t get me wrong, he is very happy at his day care, there are no problems there. So why the battles in the mornings? Then it hit me. He is just not a morning person (selective mornings).

photo 1 photo 2








The same applies to me. It’s a drag in the mornings to get up for work. Some days I pulled the covers over my head when my alarm clock goes off, silently screaming, “NOOOOOOO!” in my head. Come on, I’m not the only one. We all have those days, some more than others. Like me. It’s not that I dislike going to work. I just dislike getting up in the mornings.


Same with Byren. It takes about 10-15min some mornings to get him out of bed. He usually just rolls over to his other side & carries on sleeping. Bummer.

Mornings are no one’s cup of tea. But without getting up; you don’t get to see what the rest of the day has to offer.

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