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Movie Review: Beauty &the Briefcase (2010)


Possibly one of the worst movies I have ever seen, & to make it even more worse – Hillary Duff was the lead actress.

In my opinion, Duff cannot act for shit. That’s why I think she tried her hand at singing, which was an epic fail as well.

So the movie goes on about Lane Daniels (Duff) who is looking for love. She works as a journalist & after doing her first national piece on shoes; the Cosmopolitan editor wants to see a pitch from her. Not very satisfied with the results, the editor whisks her out when suddenly Daniels has this amazing idea: finding love in a business environment.

She then becomes an undercover journalist, taking a job position at a corporate firm, & all she thinks about is how many candidates there are for her to do her research on. She spends her time thinking up dreamy experiences with some of them & talks a lot about herself. I mean, A LOT! She then meets her “magic man” on a night out & she falls in love with him. She tells the editor that she’ll be changing the article to her new catch but the editor is furious & tells her to do her job properly or not do it at all. Daniels is told to stop seeing the man, whose name is Liam. She decides to still see him & write the article about their romance with just changing his name to someone in the office.

All goes well, until she discovers that Liam is a fraud & then her boss discovers her articles (which she stupidly left on the printer at her desk). She is fired & a poor employee, whose name she used, also takes a small blow.

The predictable ending: the editor loved the piece & hired Daniels. And Daniels realized that her ex-boss at the firm was actually her “magic man”. Big Hollywood surprise.

Likes: The movie revolved around Journalism which is always a plus for me.

Dislikes: Hillary Duff played a very irritating, self-centered role in the movie. I wanted to poke my eyes out after the first 30min! As well, Liam was British & his accent was horrible!

Style: Very predictable chick-flick. If you’re going to watch this with your partner, save the effort & watch something else.

PS: BEAUTY & the Briefcase. Are you kidding me? Hillary Duff?

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