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Cursed Car

So we finally got our car back from the mechanic about three weeks ago. Byren had been in an accident with it, & the car had been in repairs for almost three months.

Then upon getting the car back, we picked up so many faults, it was like the mechanic just threw everything together, mixed it up & put it on a plate. There was no effort made & even though we still owe him a remainder of the money, he hasn’t told me to come back so he can fix it up again & he isn’t even phoning about the money. So that horse died a while ago.

So this afternoon, after Byren picked me up from work, we stopped at the garage to buy some supplies. Byren stayed in the car while I went inside. I was gone for about 5min, couldn’t have been longer. When I came out, I saw Byren standing at the front of the car with another dude I have never seen in my life. & they were both looking at the front of my car.

Then I saw it. My left front of the car was damaged. Putting two & two together, I knew what happened. The asshole dude had reversed into my car. & I don’t see it as an accident. We had been parked away from his car by a car length. So when the dude started reversing, had he looked behind him, he would’ve seen the car. But he never looked; he just reversed. Accident or not, I hope he has insurance. He is paying for the damage. As well, he smelled a little of alcohol.

Did I mention that Monster was with us in the car? After I saw the car & understood what had happened, I ran to the side Monster was sitting, literally flung the door open & started checking if he was okay. That’s when the dude looked shocked for the first time; when he saw there was a baby in the car.

At least no one was hurt, but I think my car is cursed.

I can’t wait for 2013 to be over. We are having the worst luck this year, with nothing going right. Hopefully next year our lives will take a turn for the better… 😦

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