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Talk with Toddler: 15 Months

Talk with Toddler: 15 Months

My dearest Monster!

15 Months already. Don’t you think you’re growing up a little too fast? Definitely a little too fast to my liking. If only there was a pause button, & I keep you this tiny for a little longer…

This month has been a roller coaster of emotions – for me at least. New stress, new expectations. As if there isn’t enough from the past to bring around.

Let’s talk about your month… & it sure was an interesting one!

photo 4

So Dada & I started the biting again, by nibbling on your arms & sides which you laugh uncontrollably about! You love it! Definitely got the ticklish genes from me. So now that you’re a little order & understand the game – you’ve decided to join in. But of course you don’t understand the difference between play & hurting yet. To you it’s a game. You want to see how hard you can bite down on my arm or finger before you get a reaction from me. & let’s say that hidings aren’t helping. As soon as you get one, you don’t stop biting – you just bite harder!

So the tantrums have fallen in now. If you don’t like something or don’t get your way, it’s to the floor with high-pitched screaming. I have patience, a lot of it, but this has really been making my temper rise a lot lately! I know that it’s difficult to explain to you that sometimes you can’t always get what you want & that’s just the way it is. You don’t understand that when Mama says no, I mean no. Then there are water works followed by silent treatment. You’re already showing signs of a personality, as well as a tiny attitude!

Almost every second day, you come home with a bruise on your face. That’s because you don’t break your falls with your hands, but with your forehead. My little angel, that’s part of growing up. The first few times, Mama experienced light heart attacks until I witnessed it myself a few days at home. We all learn this way.

You’re not only understanding what the word ball means, but you’ve now started kicking it when I show you how to do it. At first it was just with throwing it around, but now it stays on the ground & while you’re running around, you start kicking it. Then you chase around behind it, repeating the action.

You’re now at the age where you can understand & copy emotions. If Mama smiles at you, you smile. If I turn it into a frown, you frown too. If I pretend to start crying, you produce real tears. I know it sounds so mean to do this, but you won’t believe how adorable it is!

photo 1

There’s another little issue that I need to mention. When you’re in someone’s arms & you become too excited, you hit the person in the face. Not a soft tap, but something that leaves a burn where the hit was made. I have scolded you every time about this, but you laugh & then do it again. I don’t know, maybe you just don’t properly understand that it’s not acceptable? Hopefully you’ll stop doing it soon, Mama doesn’t feel much loved when that happens.

So you officially started wearing your first pair of summer shoes. & you hate it! Every time I try to put them on, we first have a wrestling match. Followed by Mama realizing the wrong shoe is on the wrong foot, and then we wrestle again to correct it. You’ll get used to it soon enough.

photo 1

You’re starting to understand pain in others. A few days back, you were watching SpongeBob Squarepants & in one of the episodes, SS falls from a cliff & goes “Ouch Ouch” & you started crying at the screen. It was so sweet! Mama & Dada stood there calming you down & showing you that SS was alright. Maybe we’ll skip that episode for a while…

So the swimming pool that we put up in the back yard is no more. There was a puncture somewhere & the sides folded in. So we took all the play sand that was in our yard & threw it in the pool. Now you have your own sandpit at home! How awesome is that! You were scared at first to play inside. Now you throw your toys in, climb over & then sit there all day if possible.

My angel, time is passing by too fast. Some days, I wonder why we are in blessed with children when we don’t even have the full privilege to enjoy every moment, see all the new things, hear all the new words & cherish every moment as it comes. Then I come to the conclusion: we are already blessed. Yes, we don’t have the opportunity to spend the whole day with you. But the moments I do have, I give all my attention & loving.

I love you so much, my baby! You make my life worth living, with every breath I take.
Keep smiling every day like you do. Keep being so bright & keep making Mommy proud every day.

Love you, no matter what,
Your Mommy

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