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Am I Pretty?

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Yes. A good question.

So I will answer myself: No. I think I am average, standing on common ground.

Aha, I bet you expected me to boast about my European looks and compliment myself. Nope. I won’t be “that” girl.

Yesterday, I started a new “mini” project/article about how women see beauty. I took a step & set up some questions for different female individuals to answer. The article is being written based on my opinions, but I really want to know how some of my close friends, as well as complete strangers (whom I randomly messaged on Twitter), see beauty & what their definition of beauty is. Everyone has an opinion, why limit it to just focusing on your own?

BTW: There is still time to fill in the questionnaire if you are interested. Deadline for returns is on the 31st of October. Just leave a comment below with your email or pop me a mail at anniemationfloe@gmail.com & I will send it to you. Sorry gents, LADIES only with this one.

I enjoy the casual “You are pretty” or “You look good today” compliment from time to time. It works as a confidence booster as well as makes you feel better about yourself. However, I’m usually so unamused with myself that I reply with “Ah, yeah, whatever, but thanks.” I don’t actually BELIEVE them. I know they are being sincere with their remarks, but I don’t take it to the heart because I don’t believe them.

Look, I don’t think I’m bat-flat ugly; I just don’t put myself up on a pedestal, while staring all day in the mirror & polishing my skin till its gold. I don’t need to EXPOSE myself like that for attention to be noticed.

You know those girls that bask their faces in make-up, spray-paint tan themselves to the extreme & post duck face photos all other the internet? Yes, we probable know one personally or have seen them in Google Images while searching for something completely different. Well, they have serious confidence issues, thus they look for attention to secure the thoughts of insecurity & make them feel “special”?

“I bet if you Google Image the word duck, you will find more duck faces than actual ducks.” – Experiment Result: Sarcasm, you’ll find your ducks there, don’t worry!

1001267_669685096377144_540871447_n(This is me, by the way, NOT a Ducker… )

I think when it comes to beauty, it’s about confidence. You are how you feel. If you feel confident, your beauty will shine through from the inside. If you aren’t, well, you might not be the only one thinking that you’re not pretty at that moment.

For example, there are some days where my make-up is such a failure, I just decide to remove all traces & then my hair… Let’s not go there. This is when I don’t feel pretty; because I don’t feel confident about the way I look. While other days, everything falls into place & I can literally feel the confidence flowing out through my features. But then again, the natural way works on other occasions. Basically, it’s how you interpret the situation to your advantage or disadvantage.

Judgement is only as lethal as you let it affect you. So be confident. Be beautiful. And fuck what the rest of the world has to say.


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