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Your Mechanic is a Pony!

Your Mechanic is a Pony!

I have an on-going headache. But not a “literal” one; metaphorically speaking.

I finally got my car back from repairs (almost three months after the accident!) only to find that there are still some major faults. I am so frustrated with this asshole who calls himself a mechanic!! How was I able to pick up on faults; where I don’t know shit about cars, & you want to tell me he didn’t notice anything? Doesn’t he double check his clients’ cars before he releases them? I’m sorry, but with all the time he had, he really could have done a better job. This was just throwing everything together in one pot, mixing it up & hoping no one will notice.

I mean, he didn’t even put back the windscreen wiper on the drivers side, so when the rain came in this morning, Byren & I could hardly drive on the highway because Byren couldn’t see shit in front of him!

So this morning, I sent him an email with all the faults. 17 faults! That is ridiculous! I can understand if there were three or four! I can still do five. But 17? There is no excuse, really!

I’m so over this car already! Would love to have just thrown my hands in the air & given up, but alas, it’s the only car I have. No writing it off.
I’m probably going to book it in by him again so he can fix the faults! & I don’t even want to do that as I’m scared my car will be lost in his work shop for another few weeks! Then I’m car-less once again.

*Hangs head down in despair.*

Have you ever experienced anything similar with your car being in repairs, & you didn’t get the service you had been promised? Or any other situations that took forever to come through?

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