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Seventh is the New King

I’m going to sound a little sexist here, but does the King in a pack of cards have to have the higher power over the Queen?

I seriously think they need to reconsider the order of the cards. A woman in a high power has never hurt anybody, considering the fact that the whole world is being run by men. In my opinion, they aren’t doing a very good job.

Sure enough, if all countries were to be run by women; we’d have a bunch of countries hating each other & not communicating with jealousy overflowing. But aren’t women the ones that make an effort with appearances? I’d say we’d see a few countries rising & getting better under the power of a woman!

Not that I hate men of course. I just think that women are being underestimated with what they can achieve. Have you heard the quote: “A woman who strives to be equal to a man lacks ambition – Timothy Leary”?

Yes, I don’t believe that women should be below men. I don’t believe that women should be equal to men. If a woman wants to rise & has that in her capability, what stops her? She has the flare & she has potential – let her roar! I know a few women who make more bucks than their counter parts. “Hey, man, if you have a problem & think your masculinity is in jeopardy; make a plan & challenge yourself to do better in your workplace.” But don’t blame your woman for your lack of ambition & hard work!

I believe everyone is entitled to grow in their potential & dreams. But don’t put women under the stereotype that only men can be “alpha” successors.

We women have a lot more to show for than just pretty faces!


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18 thoughts on “Seventh is the New King

  1. Aha! You have achieved PING!! Well done – and I like your thinking on the Queen and King. Alienora

      1. The other thing I do is to copy and paste the link from the Daily Post itself – the one at the top that gives the prompt’s title. That should automatically get you onto the DP page…

      2. Oh dear. I’m afraid that’s now taking me into territory way beyond my intellect! Sorry!

      3. You can see in my post the link is there, but if you click on it, it takes you to the Daily Prompt page & from there, that’s it… It doesn’t appear…

      4. The only thing I can suggest – but you may need a stiff Gin and Tonic first!!! – is to go on one of their accursed Forum pages, which is like Phone Banking, but worse! Be prepared for a LONG wait and a terse human being at the other end!

  2. Well said! How aptly too because I just had an out-of-this-world experience with a guy who supposedly is more learned in the area of knowledge we were discussing… perhaps he’s just the exceptional but oh well…. 😛

  3. ah…

    Try to highlight your phrase: “We women have a lot more to show for than just pretty faces!”

    Then make that into a hyperlink by copying the web address for today’s Daily Prompt and then clicking the “link” icon to paste the Daily Prompt’s web address; making it the hyperlinked page that will “link” to your page and show up on the Daily Prompt…

    try that?

      1. I don’t see it. Weird. There might be a glitch somewhere in the system and it is not you. I tested a couple of the links you added and those are working and the link I “suggested” is working and send people back to the DP page. I just don’t see your post listed. It could be on their side. You have done all you can do.


        I am sure that this doesn’t make you feel better but know that you are “doing it right”. 🙂

  4. Well, don’t sell men short based on the reigning power structure! A lot of us are up for giving girls a fair shake, but the women in positions of power now are often guilty of the same trespasses and complicit in the same types of problematic dealings as the men. I don’t think it’s their gender – I think it’s their mentality that’s a problem. Male or female, I think the world needs to see more compassionate and selfless politicians and leaders or we will always have problems.

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