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Transformations with A Little Regret

Transformations with A Little Regret

I don’t regret things a lot. Hardly ever really. If it happened, it happened & it was my choice for it to happen.
On a completely different note I realized today that I have one regret, (one that I can think of).

19-20 weeks

(20 Weeks)

And it’s probably a silly one, but until I really thought about it, I didn’t find it important?


24 weeks

(24 Weeks)

That might seem like a silly request but I wish I could look back at the photos & see how my belly grew each month. I was pregnant just over a year ago but I’m struggling to remember how I looked.

“Probably because I couldn’t stand looking at myself for the last four months of my pregnancy!”

26 weeks

(26 Weeks)

It’s not that I hated the way I looked. I was just so afraid that I wasn’t attractive anymore. So if I saw that in myself, surely Byren would think the same. So one conclusion – INSECURUTY came in quite early! There I was, with less & less of my favorite clothing fitting me. I was rolling the tears at that stage & poor Byren just didn’t know how to comfort me anymore.

“I had this amazing gift of turning any compliment into a complaint back then.”
Getting over it (eventually) & then wondering how much worse it would be getting. People kept telling me I had a perfect preggy belly, not big at all, like I swallowed a pea. Well, I think it would make more sense if they said it was a watermelon, because that’s how I was experiencing it!

33 weeks

(33 Weeks)

Now a year later, & no belly (& a toddler roaming in my house), I wish I had taken more pictures. I realise that with time, image-memories will slip away & I’ll hardly remember the look, less the feel.

But the few images I have of my pregnant belly, I’ll cherish dearly.
“Even if I have another baby, it won’t be the same as with the first kiddo.”

On a more positive thought, I’m proud to boast about my body now. 14 months after having a baby, this is what my body looks like now. I know very few women who are secretly killing me in their heads, (some even say it out loud).
I don’t have an answer to how to get back into shape after a baby.

“How did I do it?”tummy flat

Well, I don’t know… I breastfed for only two months. I haven’t exercised extremely since before pregnancy. I jogged for a month (once a week) when Monster turned 13 months old. No real commitment was involved to my “wrecked” body.

One theory I do have for the weight loss to my before-pregnancy body is my metabolism went from extremely slow to “spiral out of control” fast. Which would make sense, I guess.

Haters please don’t hate. I didn’t ask for this – I was blessed by it!

6 thoughts on “Transformations with A Little Regret

  1. a few women get that fast metabolism thing – Victoria Beckham was one and she bore the brunt of the whole YOU ARE ANOREXIC thing.
    Having said that, i don’t think she ate a lot…

      1. oh no no i wasn’t suggesting that you weren’t eating. I was just thinking out loud that maybe VB said she had the metabolism thing, did have it, but then on top of that, actually really controlled what she ate.
        Oh who knows. And who cares??? I mean, it’s her husband we should be concentrating on 😉

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