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Beauty isn’t Make-up (Society Kills)

Sign Off: Beauty isn't Make-up (Society Kills)

Now I don’t know about your parenting style. Nor do I judge you as a parent. But this is completely beyond me.
I’m sure everyone knows the TV show “Toddlers & Tiaras”. Personally, I think it’s a total waste of network space & I crave to slap all of those parents who let their children participate in those shows.
Are you kidding me?? How old is your daughter? 18 months old? Oh, yes, it’s appropriate for such a young lady to be growing up in this light? Oh, you were never a pageant queen yourself? Good for you for trying to make up for your loss in life through your daughter!
A child at that age; make-up, hair extensions, fake eyelashes, spray tan, fake nails? Anything I missed? Oh yes, please buy her a push-up bra so the maturity can match the face!
So what if you were never part of a beauty pageant? So weren’t thousands of other women, but you don’t see them entering their daughters into a society built pit. These kids are taught from such a young age that make-up is beauty, fake is real & attitude is acceptable.
Do these children have a normal life? No! For the rest of their lives, this will be the explanation of normal. This will be the way of life. Programmed into their mind to be accepted into a society that doesn’t really care for them anyway?
Smart move, mothers.
Have a look at these photos below; although they have been digitally advanced to supress flaws & marks, the rest of the detail is all real. If I didn’t know how old these girls were, I’d say they are almost in their teens?

Toddlers & Tiaras

Is this a face of a toddler? No, this is a face of a poor child, who doesn’t yet know how messed up her life could become later on, if it isn’t messed up enough by now. Who do you blame then; TV, parents, society? Nope, society will just brush it off & parents will refer to the past to try keeping everything beautiful, their daughters & memories.

2 thoughts on “Beauty isn’t Make-up (Society Kills)

    1. I’ve seen these kind of pageants for boys as well! I have a son & there is no way I’ll ever enter him into something like this!
      Parents should teach their children that beauty is natural; not a box of colorful crayons used to paint on your face!

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