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Be Grateful, Not Picky

photoA few months ago, while out shopping, I started talking to a stranger.

The lady had a beautiful baby girl (9 months old), whom she was carrying in a kangaroo pouch. You couldn’t mistake it for not being a little girl; the pigtails, the pink and yellow clothes. She was so adorable! So imagine my surprise & horror when the conversation turned as such:

Me: What an adorable little girl. I have a son, they look around the same age.
Lady: Thank you, but actually it’s a little boy…

(I’m struck with shock and confusion…)

Lady: (laughing) Yes, Mommy wanted a little girl, but got a little boy instead. Now I’m making up for it.
Me: (uncomfortable) Oh, ok….

I honestly didn’t know what else to say. I walked away, fuming.
That poor baby boy was being DRESSED as a girl because the mother wanted a little girl instead.

What happened to being grateful for what we have/receive? Any baby, boy or girl, is blessing!!
In January 2011, I had a miscarriage at six weeks, I didn’t know if I had lost a little boy or girl, no way to have known. I spent almost two days in ICU from severe pain & bleeding. Anyone who has gone through something like this will know – it’s not a good experience.
We struggled to fall pregnant for a while, until December 2011, I found out I was pregnant again (five weeks). Instead of worrying, both Hubby & I stayed positive.
Become you go & find out the gender of the baby, everybody asks “Do you want a boy or a girl?”. My answer was always “A healthy baby, I want a healthy baby”. I wasn’t picky over gender, I was just grateful that we were going to have a baby & all I wanted was a healthy one.

When we found out its a boy, we were ecstatic ! & we would have reacted the same if it was a girl. The most important part was that it was a healthy little bundle that we were blessed with, & I couldn’t have asked for more!

Please, parents, love your children, adore them, accept them as they are. How will you ever explain to your child that they weren’t what you wanted? Fastest way to ‘kill’ a child, is by telling them you don’t love them. & love is the one thing babies understand and feel right from the beginning.

2 thoughts on “Be Grateful, Not Picky

  1. We had to have lots of IUI-s to have our son and each time they were shocked to hear that we did not want the lab to pick out a certain gender when they were doing the sperm selection.
    The personality of your child matters I think. And that is a bit up to what kind of person you are… a bit depends on that… but still… if you are a cool person you are likely to have a cool child.

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