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Dear friend, you’re not alone

Dear friend, It's been a while since we've seen each other face to face. It's been a while since I've heard your laughter ring in my ears that's not over a phone call or a voice note. It's been a while since we've hugged. We're living in a strange time; a time we don't know… Continue reading Dear friend, you’re not alone

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How to save on maternity wear

The positive pregnancy test. The excitement, the tears, the laughter, the fears, the joy. Pregnancy sets off an adventure you can never prepare yourself for. No books or someone else’s experience will ever come close to going through it yourself. Once the excitement wears off a little (although come on, it never does), and reality… Continue reading How to save on maternity wear

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My son’s name isn’t Aspergers

Many of you have seen photos of my oldest son, Monster, and many of you have read posts in which I've mentioned certain aspects of our life with him. But in reality, you don't know everything. Here's what you don't know.... Monster is a bright and loving seven year old little boy. He lives up… Continue reading My son’s name isn’t Aspergers